What scares you?

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“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I think I’ve been quite open on here about what scares me in relation to training for this marathon, but I think it’s important in life to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, something that scares you.

I ended up running the NY marathon because I wanted a challenge, but initially I was looking for something a little easier, e.g. a trek in Peru. But there is no guarantee that would have been any easier – I might have found trekking every day too arduous, at least with a marathon it was all over in 4 hours and 41 very long minutes.

These 100 mile cycling treks also sound like much too much hard work to me too.  But I suppose it’s what you’re used to.

This time my personal demon is running alone as you will no doubt have gathered by now. The distance doesn’t freak me out quite so much as it did last time.

I don’t know about Eleanor Roosevelt’s idea, but I think every once in a while it’s healthy to push yourself past the limits that you know – whether it be physical or mental, or both.

What challenge are you going to take up?

Orthodontist needed

Fright night






A taste of running alone

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The biggest thing I fear about the London Marathon is running on my own.  (and no, Jess & Ann, this isn’t another ploy to get you running with me.  I’ve accepted it).  Training for and running the NYC marathon was amazing because I did it all with Jess. And we definitely helped each other round and kept each other going when the other was feeling they couldn’t carry on.  

But I am definitely of the quitter camp.   There have been a few half marathons when my brain has just said “No, you have to walk” and once that thought is in your brain it is very hard to get it out.   But we didn’t stop to walk once during the NY marathon and I am very proud of that.

So, I have to train myself out of the quitter mentality because those last few miles of the marathon are going to be hard hard hard, especially if my quitter voice is blathering in my ear.  I have definitely improved and am better at pushing myself when I think I can’t do something (which is my default setting).  I ran a 6-miler on Friday on my own as Jess was away.  I forced myself to run at a faster pace than I would normally run and I ran all the way, even the killer hills which I have normally already decided to walk before we have even started!  



Another gratuitous image of us crossing that finish line

On another note I am amazed at how generous people have been in sponsoring me already.  I’m nearly at £400 which is fantastic! Thanks everyone 🙂

That’s what I have to use to keep me going through the coming months.

Treadmill vs Pavement

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I stayed in a hotel on  Thursday & Friday and was lucky enough to have time to use the gym.  I had intended to go for a run as the weather was nice, but then I changed my mind as I don’t like running when I don’t know a route.

So I went to the gym and had a go on the treadmill.  I really don’t like running on treadmills.  I have had debates with people who always run on treadmills as to the pros and cons, and whilst I see the many benefits of treadmills, I just don’t like running on them.  I even know someone who did their entire marathon training on a treadmill.

They are of course kinder on your joints, but I find the smoothness and lack of variety plain boring.  I also find it makes the focus of the run all about time rather than distance.  However hard I try not to look at the clock I find myself sneaking a peak far too often, which makes it go soooo slowly.

Running outside suits me so much better because  once you pick a route – particularly circular route – and you set off, you are committed to running that distance.  At any rate it works much better for me because I’m lazy and will look for any excuse to cut it short.

And you have the benefit of being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and taking in some lovely scenery.

So, I’ll stick with the great outdoors thank you!

A view from one of my holiday runs

What have I done??

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So it would appear that people think that I’m actually going to do this marathon.  Very scary. I’m going to have to do it now.

I can’t believe that I’m already over half way to my (admittedly modest) fundraising target already – mainly down to the generosity of Winky’s lovely family and friends so far (and of course the wonderful Ann Hirst whose initial donation made me realize that now I have put the information out there, there really is no going back).

I’ve downloaded a training plan which starts in earnest on 1 November and I’m determined to stick to it and get myself as prepared for this marathon as I can be.  I really want to enjoy the experience and if you feel like you can’t do it, you really can’t enjoy it!

I felt fairly prepared for New York and the excitement and the crowds definitely help carry you round, especially for those last painful miles.

This time round I have to get used to running on my own for long periods of time and I remember from last time that those solo training runs when Jess & I couldn’t run together were definitely the hardest.

*cue sad music to tug on Jess’ heartstrings and make her change her mind*

(Just click here, you awesome sub 2-hour half-marathoner. You know you want to really).

What a feeling!

I will be posting about my training, not because I think you will find it interesting.  It certainly won’t’ be. But more to hold myself accountable.

Here I come London!

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  I was totally amazed to receive the ‘You’re in’ Magazine from the London Marathon last week. (If you haven’t been through this process before, you apply in April and then in September/October they send you either a Congratulations or a Commiserations Magazine, depending on the outcome of the ballot).  Firstly amazed that it came so much earlier than I was expecting (I was thinking mid-October) and secondly that I was actually successful on my third attempt of entering.  Apparently when entering the ballot you have an 8% chance of securing a place.

So…. Now I feel I have to do it as I’ve been given this opportunity.  Because I’ve completed one marathon and I know that I can actually run that distance without collapsing, the prospect isn’t quite as daunting as it was when I was embarking on the NY marathon training.  But three things worry me about this latest caper: 1) training through the winter ; 2) the prospect that the weather could be very hot on April 21; and 3) training and running ALONE.  (Jess: please change your mind. Pleeeeease??). Remember this Jess?

I think you really want to experience the pleasure (and pain) all over again don’t you?  Go onnnnnnn, you know you want to!

Meanwhile in other matters… I have neglected this blog since my last post in June, but not my running.  I have been running relatively regularly throughout the summer and recently did some of the longer runs with Jess as she trained for the Oxford Half which is next weekend. But I will be keeping track of my training for London on here.  I am going to run the Marathon for Breast Cancer Campaign again – this time I have some more personal motivation… see my Virgin Money Giving page for more information.    By going public this early I am trying to ensure that I don’t come up with an excuse not to go through with it.  Watch this space.