Here I come London!

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  I was totally amazed to receive the ‘You’re in’ Magazine from the London Marathon last week. (If you haven’t been through this process before, you apply in April and then in September/October they send you either a Congratulations or a Commiserations Magazine, depending on the outcome of the ballot).  Firstly amazed that it came so much earlier than I was expecting (I was thinking mid-October) and secondly that I was actually successful on my third attempt of entering.  Apparently when entering the ballot you have an 8% chance of securing a place.

So…. Now I feel I have to do it as I’ve been given this opportunity.  Because I’ve completed one marathon and I know that I can actually run that distance without collapsing, the prospect isn’t quite as daunting as it was when I was embarking on the NY marathon training.  But three things worry me about this latest caper: 1) training through the winter ; 2) the prospect that the weather could be very hot on April 21; and 3) training and running ALONE.  (Jess: please change your mind. Pleeeeease??). Remember this Jess?

I think you really want to experience the pleasure (and pain) all over again don’t you?  Go onnnnnnn, you know you want to!

Meanwhile in other matters… I have neglected this blog since my last post in June, but not my running.  I have been running relatively regularly throughout the summer and recently did some of the longer runs with Jess as she trained for the Oxford Half which is next weekend. But I will be keeping track of my training for London on here.  I am going to run the Marathon for Breast Cancer Campaign again – this time I have some more personal motivation… see my Virgin Money Giving page for more information.    By going public this early I am trying to ensure that I don’t come up with an excuse not to go through with it.  Watch this space.

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