What have I done??

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So it would appear that people think that I’m actually going to do this marathon.  Very scary. I’m going to have to do it now.

I can’t believe that I’m already over half way to my (admittedly modest) fundraising target already – mainly down to the generosity of Winky’s lovely family and friends so far (and of course the wonderful Ann Hirst whose initial donation made me realize that now I have put the information out there, there really is no going back).

I’ve downloaded a training plan which starts in earnest on 1 November and I’m determined to stick to it and get myself as prepared for this marathon as I can be.  I really want to enjoy the experience and if you feel like you can’t do it, you really can’t enjoy it!

I felt fairly prepared for New York and the excitement and the crowds definitely help carry you round, especially for those last painful miles.

This time round I have to get used to running on my own for long periods of time and I remember from last time that those solo training runs when Jess & I couldn’t run together were definitely the hardest.

*cue sad music to tug on Jess’ heartstrings and make her change her mind*

(Just click here, you awesome sub 2-hour half-marathoner. You know you want to really).

What a feeling!

I will be posting about my training, not because I think you will find it interesting.  It certainly won’t’ be. But more to hold myself accountable.


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