A taste of running alone

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The biggest thing I fear about the London Marathon is running on my own.  (and no, Jess & Ann, this isn’t another ploy to get you running with me.  I’ve accepted it).  Training for and running the NYC marathon was amazing because I did it all with Jess. And we definitely helped each other round and kept each other going when the other was feeling they couldn’t carry on.  

But I am definitely of the quitter camp.   There have been a few half marathons when my brain has just said “No, you have to walk” and once that thought is in your brain it is very hard to get it out.   But we didn’t stop to walk once during the NY marathon and I am very proud of that.

So, I have to train myself out of the quitter mentality because those last few miles of the marathon are going to be hard hard hard, especially if my quitter voice is blathering in my ear.  I have definitely improved and am better at pushing myself when I think I can’t do something (which is my default setting).  I ran a 6-miler on Friday on my own as Jess was away.  I forced myself to run at a faster pace than I would normally run and I ran all the way, even the killer hills which I have normally already decided to walk before we have even started!  



Another gratuitous image of us crossing that finish line

On another note I am amazed at how generous people have been in sponsoring me already.  I’m nearly at £400 which is fantastic! Thanks everyone 🙂

That’s what I have to use to keep me going through the coming months.


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