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Hill Training

Now there are two words that are going to fill me with dread over the coming weeks.  The evil guy who devised my training programme incorporates a lot of this into the schedule.  Kenyan Hills he calls them.

I thought I’d give them a go as Week 1 officially starts a week on Sunday and I like to know what I’m supposed to be doing….  Firstly I had to find a hill of 6-8% gradient – I have no idea how to measure this and as I live in an extremely hilly area, I just picked one of the less mean hills I run.

Then I had to spend 8 minutes running up and down said hill and around 80% effort (threshold pace).  Then rest for a bit.  Then do it all again. TWICE.

You may think that running down hill is easy.  It can be and I normally take it quite steady.  But this time I had to run at the same effort as running up the hill which ended up being quite fast.  It was exceptionally hard and I had to give up adapt the schedule half way through the last 8 minutes (which meant I decided to start running home which meant running up a series of hills so was in fact harder!!).

But I really enjoyed the feeling of doing something a bit different and I do like having a prescribed programme to follow so I think I’m going to enjoy doing this programme.





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