15 weeks to go

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That sounds daunting.  I had an email from VLM reminding me of this fact.  I suspect these will be regular and more daunting as we go on.

On the plus side, I have nearly completed by first week of training and have stuck to my programme to the letter. I only have to run for 60 minutes tomorrow for my long run so that’s nice and easy.  I have completed my hill sessions which didn’t seem quite as bad this time. My mind wandered so much during the second 8 minute session that I was taken by surprise when the timer went to say I had completed it!

On the food front, I have tried to be a bit more sensible this week and have almost been Elimination Diet compliant which I know is the thing that works for me.  I said I was going to do Dax’s Jumpstart january but it’s a bit difficult because the kids are still at home this week and I don’t feel like I’m properly back into my routine.  From Monday it will be much easier as I’ll be back in the office.

I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Day (but it is only the 4th!).  It’s now Friday night and I’m toying with the idea of a glass of wine but trying not to think about it too much as I don’t really want one – it’s just habit.

I have got Lorraine Pascale’s Peri Peri chicken in the oven which I’m really looking forward to…. Last night we had her Duvet Day Chicken noodle soup which was totally delicious, even more so because it was cooked by my darling daughter.

Her picture not mine ;)

Her picture not mine 😉


Both recipes from this lovely book.

Looking forward to week 2 of training….

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