A week of new learnings

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Well it’s been an eventful first week back in the routine.  The 6.30am alarm call on Monday morning was as painful as expected after two weeks of lie-ins and lazy days.

I completed my second full week of training: 1 threshold run – 3 x 10 minutes of running at 80-85% effort; 3 x 10 minutes of the dreaded hills and a 60 minute long run on Saturday.  And thanks to the trainer running the programme I have learned three new things that have helped my running.  They are only simple things but it definitely makes a big difference to how I train.

1. Posture

I’ve always thought that it’s important to stay as upright as possible while running but apparently leaning slightly forward at the hips is best. And I agree that it seems to help up the pace a little.

2. Hills work

Proving the ‘no pain no gain’ theory, the hill training is definitely having a speedy impact on my fitness levels (and also on the size of my calf muscles!)

3. Breathing

Now I know it seems obvious but having read this blog post by Trainer George Anderson who devised the programme I follow, I have something else to focus on.  It is amazing how much difference it makes if you get to a point in a run where you feel out of breath and not coping well – just focusing on the rhythm he suggests brings it all back under control.

Apart from running….

The week has been fairly busy getting back into the swing of work but ended with a great day – a mini school reunion with 16 old school friends at Soho House in London. We had a fantastic day of laughter, memories and catching up on each other’s news. I had gone with the intention of returning home on the 4.00 train.. but finally managed to get on one at 8.45pm and had to get a taxi home, leavening my car at the station.

So this week’s long run was a run into Bath to collect the car on Saturday morning.  Jess’ programme called for 6-7 miles and mine 60 minutes.  i mapped a nice route into Bath which came out at 7 miles so we set off in the pouring rain and freezing wind and reached the car in 1hr 6 mins and 6.5 miles.  When I set off I was really regretting the decision to stay later and drink more wine, but we had a great run which I really enjoyed and felt great for having done it.

And I wouldn’t have missed my extended time with my old mates for anything.


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