Week 3 nearly complete


Well I say nearly, but the biggest part is yet to come – the long run tomorrow.  I’m a little worried I won’t be able to do it because of the snow that we’ve had today.


The slopes of Wellow

This week the time for the threshold and the hill runs was back down to 3 x 8 minutes (compared with 10 minutes last week) which felt much easier – I’m not sure whether this was because my fitness is improving or because the two minutes make a big difference. (I have to admit that last week the sessions of 10 minutes felt a lot longer!).

So the snow today meant a snow day – no school!  The morning was spent sledging (for the kids) while we stood around getting freezing feet.  Back home for some work and then a meet up in the pub for lunch – the perfect way to spend a Friday.


It’s been a long day…

I’m now sitting in front of a lovely warm fire feeling very cosy.

I have 75 minute run on the schedule for tomorrow (my programme is defined by time rather than distance which is rather a different approach for me).  Not sure if I will be able to make it out because of the snow, but I’m going to give it a go. I think it might be a bit icy so I’m going to try a flatter route than the normal hilly route as I think that will be slightly less risky.  Will let you know how it goes….


4 thoughts on “Week 3 nearly complete

  1. Your photos are gorgeous…the snow is amazing. Yep, I’m going to try to do an hour tomorrow but if it’s icy I don’t know what i’ll do. I’m chicken for ice! Ideally I’d like to do 9 miles but I can’t see that happening with this weather. Oh well..we’ll give it a try, eh?

    • Do you wear those elk grips when running in the snow and ice? I tried them out when walking and it made a huge difference. Not only to my grip but to my mind as well. The roads were lethal with the ice last week, thank goodness for the rain to wash it away and some warmer weather now.

      • Unfortunately I only heard about them while we were knee deep in snow, so too late to get hold of them for running in this lot of snow and ice. They sound fab though. I just wondered whether they felt very different when running?
        Yes, while it all looked very picture-postcard-pretty, it wasn’t very good for the training schedule!

  2. It would be worthwhile asking the question about running with them – I will put it on my blog – another topic… It’s amazing how many topics you can find when you look! Thanks

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