Pre-race preparations

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I’ve gone from thinking of tomorrow as a ‘training run with a difference’ to having full on pre-race jitters in the space of 24 hours.  I have no idea what I have to be nervous about, i’ve done this several times before. But each time I end up with these irrational nerves.

Been through my usual preparations:

  • Put my clothes out
  • Written out the back of my race number
  • Found, lost, then found again my trusty 4 safety pins (that have been to New York and back with me)
  • Tried to remember to drink lots of water
  • Allowed myself a piece of cake (not strictly limited to pre half marathon days)
  • Check my clothes again
  • Had a nice relaxing bath (a new one to the list)
  • Had a conversation with Jess about what to wear

Now going to bed, uncertain as to what I will wear in the morning.

Why all the fuss?? It’s just another bloody run!Image


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