Bath Half Marathon


So today I finally did it.  I finally cracked that elusive sub-2hour half marathon.  By the skin of my teeth.  But, hey, I did it!

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 22.22.57 copy

I can’t get this to come out any bigger so in case you want proper proof, here is the result!

I’m so happy 🙂

I have really wanted to get a sub-2-hour half for the last two years.  In 2011 I managed 2.03 which I was really pleased with.  But last year (it was hot) I had a bad run and came in at 2.12.

The first lap (Bath is a two lap race) went pretty well and I was feeling really good.  I felt pretty good all the way t mile 10 and then started to feel that I needed a pee! I tried to ignore the feeling but was getting more and more uncomfortable which was slowing me down. So around mile 11 I dived into a toilet.  I felt better after that and the rest of mile 11 felt much more comfortable.  But as I had been putting my all in to the race, mile 12 (and the all important .1) were really hard.  But I was so determined to have a 1 in front of my result that I just kept going.

The team from Breast Cancer Campaign were a fantastic support, cheering so loudly.  I had my name on my shirt so lots of people cheered for me on the way round which makes such a difference. The weather was perfect for me – a bit cold waiting at the start but it stayed overcast and cool the whole way round.

I felt a bit sick at the end and had to stop right over the finish line but soon recovered.  I met up with Jess and her brother James who had both done amazing times: Jess did 1.55 and her brother 1.48 I think.

I really don’t think I could have run any faster; I’m just not built for speed.  But now I feel that the pressure is off and I don’t have to do it again.

However, this is where things start to get a bit more serious in my training for London. But I feel much better about that run knowing that I won’t be running at the pace I ran today; I can just plod round and get through it.

Now time for sleep…

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