On recovery

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I was amazed to wake up yesterday and be able to walk!  My legs were so much better than in New York, stairs weren’t even a problem.  The only stiffness I had was in my hips/glutes and a little bit around my shoulders.

Today I was expecting it to be worse, but only my shoulders were worse today. So all in all I think that means I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve been for a long dog walk this morning and a Pilates class, both of which have left me feeling much more mobile.

I don’t know why I feel quite so much better than last time – it could be the training programme, the post-marathon massage or (my husband’s suggestion) that I didn’t try hard enough… Anyway, whatever the reason I’m glad I feel OK and that recovery has been so much quicker than last time.

I am a bit disappointed with my time, but the main thing is I enjoyed myself. I keep telling myself that had the day been cloudy I might have got a better time, but I’ll never know. But I did have the most amazing experience in my home town and for that I’m very grateful.

Here is a fun info graphic from the VLM website which will amuse my son because he is desperate to know what place I came:




At least I wasn’t last…


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