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First of all Happy Christmas! Hope you all got everything you wished for.

Ours was a lovely day; my parents came over and for once I felt very in control of all the food preparation and was able to really relax and enjoy the day. I did feel full after lunch but not ridiculously so and haven’t eaten any chocolate at all. We had the fabulous Heston’s hidden orange pudding (which I’m pretty sure doesn’t count towards my five a day, but oh well). The kids were all thrilled with their pressies and are all looking good in their new clothes today.

I read a blog post by the guy whose training plan I am following which basically says all is not lost on the eating front if you overdid it yesterday, today is another day. He advised us to lay off the starchy carbs which I think is sound advice.

I got a lovely new running top which I’m looking forward to trying out and am very much looking forward to running tomorrow as I really feel I need it. I should have gone today but am really enjoying a cosy day at home with the kids looking at all our lovely presents while the husband is out playing golf (in the rain).