Happy New Year!

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A bit cliched I know, but I thought I would post about what my goals for the year are. I follow quite a few running blogs and most have been posting a recap of their year in running.  Mine has been spectacularly uneventful so I thought I wouldn’t bother with one of those. But a couple of things I have taken away from 2012…. I should have given myself more of a break from training after the NY marathon. I thought having the Bath Half Marathon booked in in March would keep me running but the reality was that I wasn’t really committed to the training and thought that just by doing the long runs every week I would be fine.  I did manage the Half – my legs felt fine at the end but I didn’t really enjoy it very much (mainly because it was too hot!) and my time was a whole 10 minutes slower than the year before.   I think now having studied the programme I am following this time, and based on some other things I have done this year, I understand a bit more about what will make me a better runner.

Simply put, in my training programme George Anderson says: “Running isn’t the only way of getting better at running.”  The programme includes body conditioning and having followed a programme in the summer to help me get into shape, this is definitely something I need to include more of.  So I am hereby committing to do more of this in 2013 as I know it delivers visible results.  I’m also following Dax Moy’s January Jumpstart.  I’ve followed his programmes before and they REALLY work – if you’re looking to get into shape this year I can thoroughly recommend it.

So, there we have it. Committed to ‘paper’. Will have to do it now in case anyone reads this!

Christmas ham

Christmas ham

After a good few days of lots of great food and wine, I’m looking forward to getting back on track. Bring it on!

What are you committing to do in 2013?