Keeping on track


In my last post on my previous blog I talked about how I wanted to use my blog as a way to make myself stay more on track.

Well, this week has gone pretty well so far.  I feel like I’ve had a really healthy weekend – I managed to run on both Saturday (6 miles) and Sunday (5 miles) which makes my total number of runs for this week 4.  I haven’t managed that many runs since I was in hardcore marathon training.  I needed  to make up for a very unhealthy Jubilee weekend which included far too much Pimms!

My chiropractor told me off last visit for not stretching enough so i’ve been making a real effort to reacquaint myself with the lovely foam roller and dynaband to really stretch properly.  It’s the one thing I find it hard to find time to do after a run. Must try harder.

I’ve also been really trying to eat more healthily and be more aware of what I’m eating.  I don’t really believe in counting calories, but I downloaded this app to try and help me keep tabs on what I’m eating.  I’m rather horrified with the amount of food I have been eating without even thinking about it.  After I did the elimination diet 2 years ago, my eating habits have been fairly  healthy and I haven’t really gone back to eating too many processed foods (with the exception of sugar which has made it’s way right back into my diet since marathon training in the form or biscuits and cakes) and bread.  But even snacking on healthy nuts and oat cakes has an effect if you eat too many and I definitely was.  You have to be in the right frame of mind to stick to something and I definitely am at that place now.