My final post before my final marathon


Yes, this is my second and very last marathon.  Now that I’m in London and all packed and ready for the morning, I’m very excited and just a little nervous too.

I have spent the week preparing – chiropractor and acupuncture on Wednesday to ease a very stiff neck/shoulder which seems to have done the trick.  Sports massage on Friday for a final loosen off of those muscles and I feel in good shape.

I’ve eaten lots of carbs over the last 3 days.  Funnily enough when I gave myself free reign to eat what I wanted this week, I have eaten pretty healthily.  Except of the odd slip up….

Carb loading anyone?

Carb loading anyone?.

A delicious piece of carrot cake (my real weakness) from Jamie’s Deli in Bath.  It was so big that I thought I would eat half one day and save the second half for the next. But I didn’t.

I do feel that I haven’t done nearly as many miles as last time – and I haven’t because I’ve followed a very different programme this time which only has 3 runs a week, and the longest run of 3 hours.  I feel like it’s been very focused, with each run serving a very specific purpose.  Now let’s see if it works…!  The good thing is that I get to meet George Anderson tomorrow as he is running the pacing group for the 4:45 group.  I am going to start off with them and see how I go as I really can’t face the whole thing on my own.

I am staying with my friends Ruth & Tim tonight (who are out celebrating Ruth’s birthday). I’ve collected my runner’s pack from the lovely Sally who collected it for me saving me a trip to London to the Expo.  We are meeting at 7.20 tomorrow to travel to the start together. I’m very glad I have someone to go with otherwise I think I would be even more nervous.

People have been fantastic – sponsoring me and sending me messages of encouragement all day.

So, here I am less than 12 hours before the start.  All ready.  Just need a good night’s sleep now….

All packed and ready to go....

All packed and ready to go….


Less than two weeks to go…


So dear reader (I’m hoping there is at least one of you….) here we are in April with less than two weeks to go until the marathon. I don’t feel very prepared but apparently that is a common feeling during tapering (the winding down phase of training).

I have followed the training programme almost to the letter. I’ve missed one long run as I have a small niggle in my hip that got particularly painful, to the extent that I had to stop and walk during one of my speed sessions. And then I had to go away for work and couldn’t fit in more than one session (on the dreadmill). And i did manage to fit in rather too much beer and chips (carb-loading anyone?). But I am proud to say that I did manage to get up at 6am the day after I got back and run 18 miles before we went away for a few days over Easter (lots of eating again).

I have got to the point where I am completely fed up with running, with getting up at 6am in sub-zero temperatures to run. There have even been days when I have contemplated pulling out.

But it was all put into perspective tonight when my darling friend Winky said: “when the going gets tough, remember what a brilliant cause you are doing it for. Research and development into new drugs literally saved my life. Without herceptin my future wouldn’t be looking so rosy. You go girl!”

Amen to that.

That really is all the inspiration I need to get me round those 26.2 miles.

Ps. If you haven’t managed to sponsor me yet and you’d still like to, here’s the link And if you already have, thank you so very much