Longleat 10k


Last week’s running was a bit interrupted by my poor youngest having a horrible virus and being ill all week.  I managed to fit in my threshold training run and last week seemed to bit of a rest week as I had 45 mins easy on the programme instead of the dreaded hills.  I didn’t manage to make that due to the littlest being at home, but I figured it wasn’t the end of the world as I had the Longleat 10k planned for Sunday.  I ran 50 mins on Saturday morning too.

The Longleat 10k was a great race.  I have done it once before – my very first race when I started running back in 2008 when I did it in 1:08.  It is an exceptionally hilly course but I gave it my all.  I had planned to meet Cat whose blog I follow but we didn’t manage to catch each other before the start.

Lining up at the start in front of the beautiful house was pretty spectacular.

At the start

At the start

Then we were off on the short flat start of the course to the first hill.  Which went on… And on! I had forgotten quite how hard and long it was.  Once you get to the top of this hill here is a lovely long downhill back to the start point and then another loop round past the house and up another hill through the woods.  I spent most of this time trying to work out whether the route was different from when I did it and came to the conclusion that it was (I was right).  I deduced therefore that the second time up the first horrible hill was now not included (I was wrong).

Those mean hills

Those mean hills

The legs were feeling very tired the second time around but I did feel that my hill training paid off as I did manage to maintain my pace.  I finished in 57:30 which I was really pleased with. We got a lovely lion medal at the end too!

Lion medal (pic courtesy of Cat)

Lion medal (pic courtesy of Cat)

And I did mange to meet up with Cat and her friend Nic and we went and had a very welcome hot chocolate afterwards.

Me, Cat & Nic

Me, Cat & Nic

All in all a good day and a a good opportunity to practice running a race on my own.  Bath Half next… 4 weeks to go.

Oooh, and did I mention my lovely new shoes? Finally got round to getting some so that I have plenty of time to break them in before London.



Fuelling with gin


I’m now into week 5 of my programme – that’s scary!  11 weeks to go….

I finished off last week with my icy hill runs and then a long run on Saturday morning into Bath to collect the car (again!).  This time I had been to a Gin tasting the evening before.  Not my usual preparation for a long run it must be said.

I had 90 minutes on the schedule so thought that would be a good way to clear the head the next day.

I went to the tasting with three friends and it was great fun.  I have never done a spirits tasting before and found it fascinating.


Not your average Friday night out

We tasted 10 different gins including many I’ve never heard of.

We tried:

Seagram Reserve


Beefeater 24


Bombay Sapphire

Plymouth Gin

Hoxton Gin


Chase Williams Gin


There were some that I really wasn’t keen on. The Hoxton Gin (which had coconut and grapefruit in it) wouldn’t be my top choice for a gin & tonic, but I can imagine it would make a good base for a cocktail. It smelled like a Pina Colada!

G’Vine gin was slightly different because it was made from grape spirit and had almost a cognac flavour about it.

I did like the Chase gin which was made from apple spirit but my two favourites were Hendrick’s and Tanqueray.  The Seagram was nice if a little masculine (whisky like?) and it looked like something they would definitely have been drinking in Mad Men.

We nosed them all neat, then tried them with water.  I was well aware that I was running in the morning so I only took a tiny sip of each. Then we were able to try them with tonic after the tasting so I had a delicious Tanqueray with Fevertree tonic.  Yum.

Saturday brought a beautiful morning for running – cold with lovely blue sky, perfect to blow away the cobwebs.  The pavements around Bath were still very icy so we had to go slowly in some parts, but all in all a good run of around 8.5 miles.

I missed my training today due to a poorly little girl at home, so am hoping to sneak it in tomorrow morning after dropping the boy at judo before school.

And this weekend I’m excited to be running the Longleat 10k and pleased because I’ve managed to persuade my lovely daughters to come and cheer me on as I’ll be all on my own 🙂